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In the current times, countless businesses are in a situation of having high-debt levels, lower than usual sales volume, or are in a dispute with creditors, debtors, or the landlord.

If your business has solid fundamentals and you/the owners are willing to do what’s needed to turnaround the business— there are formal options to give it a bright future.

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As specialists in insolvency, restructure and turnaround we’re here to help you work through the options and navigate the best path forward. We have a long track record of helping businesses work though their debt issues and come out on the other side.

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In our experience, no amount of FAQs and reading will substitute what can be gained by discussing your unique situation with a qualified professional.

We’ll help find the best option for your circumstances.

As insolvency professionals, we have a toolkit that others don’t that ensures legal action against your business stops and to pay employees their outstanding entitlements through a government scheme when the business doesn’t have the assets/funds to pay them.

Does this sound like your position?

  • Has COVID-19 impacted your business?
  • Are you concerned about the business viability once government assistance is pulled back?
  • Does your business have high debt levels impacting your ability to trade?
  • Do you need to ‘right-size’ your business to set yourself up for the future?
  • Are you concerned about insolvent trading or your director duties in this uncertain time?
  • Does your business require an independent ‘health-check’?
  • Do you believe your business can survive if you could just get some debt help?

What are my options?

Business debt issues can be complicated. Several factors influence the options available to you, including:

  • If the business is still trading.
  • The business structure (sole trader, partnership, company, or trust).
  • The amount of debt.
  • The business assets’ value and any securities attached.
  • Any employees and their outstanding entitlements.
  • If legal action is pending.
  • The outcome you want.


Check our FAQs

It’s natural to have lots of questions, concerns or are simply needing a chat about your situation. Our FAQs may answer some of them, but chatting confidentially with us is better.


We’re here to help you find the best solution to your debt problems

Whether you are trading as a sole trader, through a company or a trust—there are options available to deal with your debt issues.

We are experts in:

  • Insolvency
  • Small business restructuring
  • Voluntary Administration
  • Turnaround Management
  • Liquidation (Simplified/Standard)
  • Director Penalty Notices
  • Statutory Demands
  • Personal Insolvency Agreements
  • Bankruptcy

Book a free, no-obligation chat now

In our experience, no amount of FAQs and reading will substitute what can be gained by discussing your unique situation with a qualified professional.


My experience working with Worrells has been nothing short of amazing. I found myself in a hole after some poor decisions in the financial markets led to a large unpaid loan hanging over my head for years. I was extremely stressed out and struggling to pay the interest on this loan while also keeping a roof over my head.

From the moment Worrells answered my call they have made my life a lot easier. I could tell that from the beginning they were empathetic to my situation and that they genuinely wanted to help. We had an open and honest conversation to devise a plan so that I could move forward, debt free.

What really sets Worrells apart is the follow-up work—checking in on how things are going and always happy to answer any questions on the intricacies and legalities of insolvency with an infectious upbeat attitude.”

~ Deklan Gilmartin


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Now’s the time to have someone in your corner—an insolvency professional who provides clarity amongst the murkiness of insolvency, stress and indecision.

We are dedicated to helping you at every step of the way to financial freedom, and we are always happy to answer your call


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Our specialised consultants can find solutions to all types of debt problems. We can help you consolidate your payments, save thousands in interest and reduce your debt. Your debt problem can be fixed!


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Your questions on Business Turnaround & Restructuring

Can I still trade my business if I am solvent?

Directors must be aware of “insolvent trading” laws that can have substantial penalties or implications. If your business is insolvent, it is best to touch base with Worrells to discuss what can be done legally to save your business and to understand what your rights and obligations are.

What is voluntary administration?

Voluntary administration allows businesses to address insolvency issues, and if possible, return it to healthy trading position. This is usually available to directors who are proactive when they see their company is in financial trouble. The voluntary administration process ensures that the business, the company’s assets and affairs are administered in a way that (among other things) maximises the chances of a business continuing to exist by a voluntary administrator taking control as if they are the company directors. The administration process takes place over an interim period, usually lasting between 20 and 30 business days.

What's the criteria for a small business restructure?

The main criteria are:

  • the company’s total liabilities do not exceed $1 million (liability is taken to mean any liability or obligation, including contingent debts);
  • no director has been a director of a company that has previously used the simplified liquidation process or a debt restructuring process; and
  • the company’s tax lodgments are up to date.

What if I'm not eligible for small business restructuring?

The team at Worrells will work with you to map out the best course of action for you. Speak to an expert to get tailored advice based on your circumstances.